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“The 5 Love Languages of Children” book review

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You are probably thinking, if I read the 5 Love Languages then won’t this book just repeat everything? To a certain extent, yes of course, but let’s think of it another way.

Is there a difference in making your spouse feel loved romantically and making your children feel loved maternally? Uh, I believe so. That, my friends, is why it’s worth reading!

Here’s how this book is different and worth the read!

1) How discipline relates to love languages. Time out can have no effect on one child and send another into an emotional fit. Spanking can leave one child sullen for days while another acts as though it never happened. It gives great insights here!

2) How learning is related to a child’s love language. This one sentence surprised me, but made such sense afterwards. “For a child to be able to learn well at any age, he must be at the emotional maturational level of that particular age.” (p.148) Here they discuss how showing love, respect and keeping children emotionally healthy contributes to learning.

3) Anger and Love. The author goes so far as to say “It may surprise you that the primary lifetime threat to your child is his or her own anger” (p. 160). So true. Anger is the root of depression, aggression and many other unhealthy things. It discusses how you can help your child to let out their anger in fruitful ways so they are able to act freely and maturely without being controlled by their own emotions. Very helpful.

All in all, similar to the 5 Love Languages book but with enough of a twist and various examples to be well worth the read!

A Mother Far from Home

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