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The Happy Cycle

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There is a little something I like to call the Happy Cycle. It exists everywhere. Or more accurately, it and its counterpart – the Unappy Cycle – exist everywhere.

When I notice the mood in our house has become unpleasant I examine where we jumped off the happy cycle then I do what I can to get back on it. Since toddlers and young children aren’t quite able to mood-regulate and make mature “your happiness over mine” decisions at their age, the responsibility falls on us.

I choose to get back on the happy cycle and I purposefully act with more patience, attention and quality time. It quickly becomes natural again and then…you guessed it! They become happier. When they are happy they are sweet and when they are sweet I am happy.

Simple. So simple it probably seems stupid to even spell it out. Or maybe you think it’s too simple to be effective. It works. If you don’t believe me, then Weigh Test + Measure it yourself.

Mothers are the thermostat of the house and it’s our job to stay level. Staying level is more energy efficient. Off and on and off and on is more costly in the end. More costly for the whole family!

A Mother Far from Home

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