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“Kids will be Kids”

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There are some many things moms say that are just plain annoying to hear. Sort of like the old classic “everything happens for a reason” which is – quite possibly – the very last thing you want to hear if something bad has happened. Plus, it’s not even true in the way in which it’s said. But that’s another story.

That phrase grates…and so does today’s goldie oldie “Kids will be Kids.”

If this is one of your standby phrases, don’t take offense. I just want to discuss how many other moms may interpret these four words. There is a difference between bad behaviour and childish behaviour. Here I’m referencing bad behaviour.

“Kids Will Be Kids” is most often said when:

1) Their kid has been a brat or bully to others. Child A goes over to Children B + C and grabs the ball they were playing with and runs away. Mother A does not intervene to train Child A on sharing or team play, but simply says to other adults around her “Kids will be Kids.”

 Other Interpretation of your words: Oh, he’ll grow out of it.

2) Their child will not eat what food is put before him and throws it everywhere. Child B (past the pureed food stage, of course) will not eat what the rest of the family eats at dinner, only wants bananas and fish sticks, and throws everything on the floor, the walls and in your face. Mother B let’s Child B rule mealtime and says “Kids will be Kids.”

Other Interpretation of your words: I don’t have the energy to fight her.

3) Their child comes to your house and trashes the joint. Child C comes over and begins emptying all the drawers at her height throwing things on the ground and taking them all over the house. Mother C ignores Child C (who is just doing what any child would do untrained) and smiles saying “Kids will be Kids.”

Other Interpretation: I let her do whatever she wants at home.

Harsh? Maybe. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. Hey, we all know, it takes discipline to discipline and that it gets old. Quick. But it is much better to put in the hard work when they are babies and reap the rewards throughout the rest of their childhood and adolescence. Having the attitude “they will grow out of it” now will not make you happy in the future. Sure, they’ll grow out of it. But if it’s bad behaviour, they’ll more than likely grow out of it into something worse.

A Mother Far from Home

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