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“Babywise II” book review

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Toddlerwise follows the Babywise series and focuses on babies and toddlers ages approximately 10 to 18 months. In short, it gives parenting tips on discipline, teaching “no”, instiling manners, and how not to frustrate yourself and your children by granting freedoms they are not yet able to manage. Very interesting. Very helpful.

Salient points for those of you wondering whether to bite the bullet and buy.

1) Provides a discipline strategy to foster first time obedience. There is a practical 3 step process on how to teach your baby to obey. Spoiler: it ain’t counting to 3.

2) Manners. Manners training, believe it or not, can begin in the high chair. The book discusses common high chair behaviors that, when used as opportunities for training, provide a platform for teaching your baby to do what is expected of them. It says that mothers don’t need to pull out the ole inflatable-pool-under-the-high-chair routine to keep the house clean, but must simply teach manners using the 3 step discipline process. I’ve tried it. It works.

3) Parenting inside the funnel. To shorten a few pages into a few sentences, this concept means granting your child freedoms based on their proven levels of self-control.

Freedoms greater than level of self-control = developmental confusion
Freedoms less than self-control = developmental frustration
Freedoms equal to self-control = developmental harmony

4) Childishness verses foolishness. Very good concept to grab hold of. When a child touches your hot cup of coffee because he doesn’t know any better he’s childish. Childishness requires instruction and training. When a child touches your hot cup of coffee after you’ve repeatedly told him not to, he’s foolish. Foolishness requires discipline.

5) Credit card parenting. Credit card parenting in action says “I don’t want to bother with that behavior now, we’ll deal with it later.” This is putting off training until after a bad habit has already been ingrained in the child. Like a credit card, you’ll still have to pay (train), but you’ll do it with interest.

I won’t give any more away, but I heartily suggest this book for any mother who wants to feel more informed. It will help provide a strategy that will allow for consistent and repetitious training by you so your baby knows what to expect and can act accordingly.

A Mother Far from Home

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