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“Birth Order: Why You Are The Way You Are” review


Which describes you most?

A. manipulative, charming, blames others, attention seeker, tenacious, people person, natural salesperson, precocious, engaging, affectionate, loves surprises

2. little adult by age seven, very thorough, deliberate, high achiever, self-motivated, fearful, cautious, voracious reader, black and white thinker, uses “very”, “extremely” “exactly” a lot, can’t bear to fail, has very high expectations for self, more comfortable with people who are older or younger

D. perfectionist, reliable, conscientious, list maker, well organised, hard driving, natural leader, critical serious, scholarly, logical, doesn’t like surprises, loves computers

last. mediator, compromising, diplomaic, avoids conflict, independent, loyal to peers, many friends,  maverick, secretive, unspoiled

(a, 2, d…ring a bell? okay… maybe I’m the only one who watched Home Alone 593 times that year…)

A is the baby of the family. 2 is the only child. D is the first born and last is the middle child. I’d hazard a guess that the other neurotic supermoms out there are either first borns or lonely onlies ilke myself. Who is with me?

This book is super interesting. Did you know over half American presidents were either first borns or only children? Most comedians are babies of the family. Oh there is lots of info there on various things and it can all be used to help you be a better parent and avoid common pitfalls with each birth order. Firstborns and only children tend to be perfectionists but there are ways to help avoid this. Middle children often try to find their relational needs met outside the home since they feel unnoticed. Babies tend to get…well.. babied and do not often leave the house with responsibility and life skills their other siblings do.

The book touches on other interesting subjects too. How to give a sales pitch to each of the birth orders. Dynamics of blended families. Best birth order combinations for a harmonious marriage (hint….it ain’t an only child and an only child).

It was a fast read, even if you are a slow reader, and has a lot of information I found helpful. I plan to keep it in my arsenal for my budding family.

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Author: A Mother Far From Home

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10 thoughts on ““Birth Order: Why You Are The Way You Are” review

  1. I am very interested in this concept and I thank you for this review. I will be sure to check out this book for sure!

    I actually have wondered about this concept myself. http://offdutymom.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/the-making-of-a-well-adjusted-grown-up/

    When I initially wrote about it, I wasn’t sure birth order really had THAT much control over one’s personality. I’ll be interested to hear what an “expert” has to say about it!


  2. Very interesting. I’m a middle child and that accessment is spot on except for the many friends. I don’t let enough people in
    to have many friends. I tend to stick with family and a rare few outsiders. Trust is a big issue with me and I don’t trust easily.
    My son is an only and that hit pretty close to home for him. I use exactly a lot but that’s just me wishing at times I was an only
    child. 🙂 Off to check this book out. I’ve seen some good choices in this list.

    • I am an only child and hit spot on as well. I know personally trust can be tough, but that is often less to do with our birth order and more to do with our life experience!

  3. I love these kinds of books. I’ve heard about this theory, and now I’m more interested in learning what you learned from the book. So, thanks for the review. I’ll put it on my list.

  4. I need to read the book when I am visiting with you at Christmas.

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