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Mom & Daughter Matching Outfits: cool or cruel?

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What a dumb question. Of course it’s cool.

Then again, this is coming from the girl who wore coordinating GAP outfits with all her friends throughout high school. I wish I was joking. In my defense, it was often accidental.


A DIY infant dress and mother skirt made from an old too big dress of mine. I cut the dress at the waist to create my skirt. Used the sleeve and boatneck material from the top of the dress and a knit shirt of my daughter’s to create a knit dress. Not too matchy matchy, but match enough!

A Mother Far from Home

Each year we get family t-shirts done with the number representing the amount of years we’ve been married. To our honeymoon we wore 00 and we just ordered our 03 tees! New yearly additions make it so much fun and we can’t wait to have trunks full when we’re old and grey.

Matching grandmother/granddaughter combo. I took a maxi dress and cut it off knee length and hemmed. With the tube remaining I created a simple tube top dress for my daughter and pinned a pretty bow to give it some jazz.


Coordination. That is the name of the game. So coordinated it may go unnoticeable except to other supermoms who use the same trick.

Matching my daughter makes me realize a few things:

  1. People here in Australia are too cool for school and think everything is lame.
  2. Spending too much time/effort/money on mom & daught coordination is a sure sign you don’t spend enough time with other grown-ups.
  3. Occasional matching makes you feel that you’ve at least put in an effort for fashion which makes the yoga pants and t-shirts a bit more justifiable on a daily basis.
  4. Your husband, no matter how sentimental, isn’t going to get it. Particularly if the fabric store keeps repeatedly popping up on the ole bank statement.

It is rampant.

It is timeless.

And your daughter will probably never thank you.

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