A Mother Far from Home

on becoming supermom

What I learned in my 1st year of motherdom….

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1) a baby’s cry is one of the most disturbing / confusion inducing / unpleasant noises on earth. even when you know they are well fed, dry, clean, and have been showered with hugs and kisses, crying gave me feelings of insecurity such that i’ve never known.

2) messing up the schedule one time won’t hurt them. i was so into the routine and schedule that I thought a feed 30 minutes late would give me a permanently fussy rotten child. eventually scheduling and routine helped my firstborn be all around agreeable but i could have lightened up.

3) everyone hates a “supermom.” i’ll revisit this. suffice it to say that other moms don’t take too kindly to you saying how your baby slept 12 hours a night at 3.5 months and that they go down for naps without crying and wake up happy. everyone wants to complain about being exhausted and up all night and if you start singing the praises of our super baby people are not impressed. even if it only happened because you read some books and followed their advice.

4) people without kids don’t actually want too much detail. “How is Penelope these days?” can usually be answered by such things as “great, cute, sweet as ever, and growing.” More detail than that is generally met with minimal attention and a quick change of subject.

5) having kids is the one of the best things in the world. to me anyway. focusing on someone else, seeing them smile, reach for you the first time and give you kisses makes you feel like the queen of the world. even when you know deep down that you’re selfish, in that moment when you choose to sacrifice what you want (like a shower, a hot meal or a nap of your own) you feel like mother flipping’ teresa.

in the words of mother teresa…”what can you do to promote world peace? go home and love your family.”

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